Wednesday, 17 July 2013


It has been holiday time here for school children. This year is Tasmania's first year ever of having 4 terms. Even though my children are grown up, I still tend to put myself in the holiday mode. I have taken to sleeping in when I can and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I never used to be able to sleep in at all, but with the dark, often wet mornings and new dark blinds, I find it easy to do this winter. 

Last weekend we all awoke to cold air blowing from our heat pump. It was immediately switched off. Hubby had to wait for the rain to stop, which was the next day, and after getting on the roof and cleaning out a few cobwebs, away it went sending out hot air.  It's amazing sometimes what a little service will do. 

The weather was mild, but we did pop out to in-laws for a toasty warm by the fire.

My hands have been busy with knitting and crocheting. I have made assorted dishcloths and mug huggers. These have been mainly for gift giving. 

I am challenging myself with a new crochet pattern and making myself a scarf. 

When I popped outside recently, look what I caught!!!!

I stood for while in wonder. How beautiful.

Dot :-)

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