Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Where Oh Where!!!

Where has August gone?

At the very beginning of the month D3 and I went to a Women's conference in Melbourne. We stayed a few days extra and enjoyed some shopping and looking around. We had a great time together. 

Sadly, I came down the the flu when I arrived home. As I was coming back to normal health, hubby came down with it too. Oh, dear!! He is still not 100% but is sleeping much better. 

Last week, I accompanied my husband on another trip to Melbourne. He had a course to attend for the week. I was happy to do some retail therapy and while doing so came across some lovely clothes to update my wardrobe. Hubby finished each night around 4 pm so we would go for a walk about and have dinner together. We chose a different venue each night and enjoyed our time together too.  

I took some wool with me and I ........

....started my ripple blanket. I have had the wool for some time and now I am on a roll. 

My sister gave me some lovely granny square slippers. I must be heavy footed as I have worn a hole in one already. 

I have started some squares to see if I can put some together too. The slippers are very comfortable to wear and pretty too. 

We all have these, don't we? Today I started on one item on my list. 

I have in my possession a box of slides that belonged to my parents. In the future, I plan to have my siblings and their families over for a slide night. I have begun the process of viewing them and putting them in specific piles, eg: each sibling, Dad, Mum, family etc. It has certainly been an interesting time taking a trip back down memory lane. 

The days are getting longer here and daylight savings does not kick in for over a month. Spring is just around the corner and I have noticed some bulbs are out in flower already. They are beautiful. 

Be happy.....Dot 

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