Friday, 27 September 2013

Weeding Day

As the weather is warming up, it was high time I got out into my garden. At least the veggie patch. It had not received much attention over the last few months so I had a day this week and I BLITZED it! 

Last year I seriously put in place a 4 bed rotation and so I had made a plan of what to plant and where to plant. But first I had to put the muscles to work and get rid of huge clumps of grass that had embedded themselves in and around the raspberry patch. 

Molly is contented in her freshly cleaned out run. To the left you can see the raspberry patch. I think this year will be the 4th year we have had this patch.

At the entry to my veggie garden I love the big pot in which the parsley has started off really well.There are a few lettuces making their home in there as well. In the shaded section  I have spring onions which I raised from seed and there is garlic growing around the sides of the bed. 

After weeding and placing lime on this bed, I have planted peas and climbing butter beans. Once the beans have come out to say hello, I will thread some twine on the poles to encourage them to climb. Over the back, with the terracotta bag surround, is a Yellow Tomato we picked up from the local nursery last week. In the bed where the tomato is I have planted potatoes and you can just see the last of the kale we have been enjoying on our plates. 

And inside in the sunny foyer at the front of our home, I have planted seeds of capsicum, coriander, cucumber, lettuce, spring onion and tomato. They have nearly all poked their little heads out. (I call them my babies). Of course, the lettuces were up first and look at them. I have since put a box of dirt beside the can here and I will transplant some lettuces tomorrow. 

Off to eat dinner. Fish, chips, baked pumpkin and corn on the cob, followed by Rice Pudding.

Have a great weekend....Dot

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