Monday, 26 May 2014

What's happening around here?

Hello readers.

We have commenced the last week of Autumn here in Tasmania. The weather is still lovely but cold. Each morning the heater is put on to take the chill off the air and today I plan to walk down town to do a few things. It's not raining and the sun is there somewhere among the clouds. 

Recently we had a surprise appear before us when we looked out our window.

It is not spinning yet and we hope when it does it does not make too much noise!! (I am a light sleeper)

This is my first attempt at making a 'cup cover'.  I like to make sure nothing pops in my cup if I have to leave it. I have made a few more since, made some adjustments and happy with the results.

Over the past few weeks, I have been cleaning out my craft cupboards. Its taking me a while as I find I am finding things unfinished and setting in and doing them before I complete cleaning. I am having fun but I plan to seriously get all the cleaning done this week. 

My current slippers had worn out and as I came across these squares I had done last year I completed them a few nights ago. My feet are cosy and warm. 

The three of us are all well and happy. Until next time, enjoy life, and I am back to that cupboard.


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