Monday, 19 January 2015


Hello Readers. I am back!!! And we have had a wonderful time since I was last here. Hubby and I spent 3 weeks in WA with family and then on our flight back we collected our youngest daughter from the airport and brought her back here for a few days. The home is back to the two of us again and we are busy catching up on things.

Here are a few things we got up to on our holiday.

 It's always nice to play around in someone else's kitchen. I was in D1's kitchen only a few days when I asked her man if he had any plans to put something in this space (table or something) to help with serving up meals. His reply was ' as a matter of fact'... and so hubby was shown some Jarrah timber off cuts that he had put aside and so the work began. The new table was in place by the end of the week and it was a joy to use. We even had a sewing day and it came in handy for cutting out etc.

We took a few days and all traveled to Kalgoolie. We were mesmerized by this open cut mine and spent a good while there looking at that was going on below. There was so much to see.

An excavator bucket. Wow!!!

We had a few trips to Esperance.

It was the night before Christmas....

...and our grandies were tucked in for the night. Precious xxxx

Hope you have had some time to enjoy some holidays and trust the New year is off to a good start for you all....Dot

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