Tuesday, 27 September 2016

At Home

Hello and welcome back to my readers. Spring is giving us some lovely warm mornings. I head out in the mornings at 8 and take a half hour track about town before I have breakfast.

This week I made a batch of sprouts which we are now enjoying. I will have to get another batch on the go as they are ready in a few days. They are tasty and very healthy for you.

I made up at batch of what they call 'cloud bread'. Because it is soft we found we destructed our salad sandwich and ate with a knife and fork. 

A little kerfuffle was heard at the window the other day and I found some cute birds playing around. They appear this time each year. 

D2 and I have been going for a walk every Sunday afternoon and last time when we returned home we picked some pretty flowers from our garden to display inside.

Did your try the Tasty Broccoli I posted last week? Tonight we are having it with Cauliflower.

It's Lunch time ... Dot

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