Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Happy New Year

I trust this finds you all well and happy. Did you have a good Christmas? Welcome to the New Year of 2018!!!!

Today saw the other 2 members of our home off to work and so I have been catching up on some baking this morning. I have made seed crackers, granola and baked some diced pumpkin ready for the quiche for dinner. We have been enjoying the summer fruits available at the moment, hence the mango lassi above. Yummo.

I cooked a cheesecake for Christmas and was able to use a punnet of fresh raspberries for the topping.

My knitting needles have kept busy and I made this pretty pink cotton jumper. There is a multi-coloured jumper about to come off the needles today and be sewn together. 

We found ourselves popping out most days and meeting up with other folk at different spots in our community. We visited the Dip Falls at Mawbanna. 

Hubby was pleased to get his drone out for a fly on most occasions.

D2 relaxing and being creative. Clever girl. 

And I have kept up my walks!

Do you have goals set for 2018? I have to sort, sort and sort through stuff. This week I am starting on my spices.

.... Dot :-)

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