Thursday, 4 April 2013

Meal Planning 01

Hi, trust you all had a lovely long Easter Weekend. It was good 'indoor weather' in our neck of the woods, so hubby took to sanding some interiors of windows and re-varnishing. We slept in each morning and all enjoyed time around home.

D2 resting her foot with broken toe.

Dusty job!!

But well worth it. They came up beautifully, thanks hubby xx

..............Back to the subject at hand ..................

On the back on the pantry door next to the planner, I have a 'quick list' of ideas to use over the next few days or weeks. This helps me to fill out the planner and save food waste. After a while, most things are crossed off and I can start again with a fresh piece of paper and new ideas (mine and other family members too).  

In this corner on the pantry shelf is storage for all those bits and pieces that need using up. The dates on food is regularly checked, and if it is looming up close it changes place on the shelf. 

And lastly, another very important 'help point' is the shelf at eye level in the fridge where all the 'stuff' that needs using short term. Again, dates are checked around the fridge and/or when items are opened. 

I love to cook food fresh from scratch but enjoy also being creative with leftovers. Thankfully the members of this home love leftovers and enjoy healthy home cooked meals with stacks of variety. They also help in keeping an eye on food preservation and lend a hand in the cooking. 

I hope my thoughts have inspired you, happy planning...Dot

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