Thursday, 28 March 2013

Meal Planning

I realise we are heading into a long weekend but I have some thoughts to share with you and I would like to make a start and continue on next week. There is method to my madness and it works well for me in my home. You might find some tidbits that will be of help in your place.

I was given a pad of meal planners a few years ago and I have used it since. Until recently I would have 3 weeks stapled together and it lived on the island bench in the kitchen. I found I was always clearing the bench every few days to make more room to cook or serve extra guests. Now, it is 'blue tacked' to the back of the pantry door. Perfect! I do not use a pen to fill out, for obvious reasons, but have a pencil on the pantry shelf that has a rubber on the other end.

You cannot see them, but I have the dates next to the days at the top of the planner. I then check my daily planner and Family Calendar to see what plans are for the week (we are a household of 4 adults, 3 work out of home, I work @ home).

For eg: above you can that there will be 1 home for dinner on Tuesday evening, so I kept some leftovers from the previous day. Friday evening was blanked out too. It is handy for others to see what coming up for meals and if I happen to be out and late home for lunch, hubby knows what to help himself to. If I know ahead what to cook, it saves waste and makes good use of what I have on hand. I must admit, most weeks (which happens to be this week), I am filling out 2 days ahead at a time. There is a reason I can do this and I will share it with you next week.

Have a great Easter....Dot

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