Monday, 4 March 2013

I'm Back

Hi to all my readers. I am back!!! The last couple of months have been taken up with family and we have some great memories to hold on to. We had some wonderful times together of which I will share some of it with you over the next few posts.

A few days after Christmas, following the packing away of the Christmas tree and making up beds etc, we drove to the airport to meet a special part of our family.

I was about to explode with excitement and wasn't allowed through those doors. Patience!!

And as usual 'my little lady' jumps up for that first 'wrap around' hug. Oh what a feeling!!!

They were very 'travel weary' and so we tried to keep the chatting to a minimum which was hard to do. The grandies certainly have grown since we last held them.


D3 for taking pics for me

My beautiful family

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