Tuesday, 5 March 2013


The day after our family arrived (most of them, our son-in-law was arriving in a couple of weeks), hubby had a wedding to take. It turned out to be a nice but windy day.

Yes, a beach wedding!

We called in home in between the ceremony and wedding breakfast. Little Miss loves the outdoors and so it was not long she had Poppi taking her exploring our outdoors.

Every time she ventured out the door while here she would not last long out the backyard but make her way out the drive. It is quite steep and those little legs got some workout. I would often have to pick her up to bring her back as she was not always happy to do so.

Tucking into breakfast at Gran's little table and chairs which Gran received from her parents when she was a little girl. (Note: I repainted it in the new brights colours)

And there was many a time that one of the adults joined one or both of them here for a meal; hence the spare chair.


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