Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Hi Everyone!!!

We have had a few days of rain which has been welcomed by everyone. Come Monday morning we were informed we would have 2 days without rain, so we got outside. I have been for a morning walk the last 2 days and also been downtown a couple of times and it is interesting to see people taking advantage of the weather. Over the weekend D2 stubbed her toe and after an Xray today it was confirmed to be broken. She has the week off work to see how it improves. D3 came down with the flu and is still getting over that, but is much improved.

I decided to relocate my herb garden from the vegie patch to the back door. I can now look from my kitchen window and view the beauty.

Hubby helped me carry our old wheelbarrow from the vegie patch. He secured it in place and I filled it up this morning.

This is where the corn and carrots were last season. To keep in line with my rotation scheme I prepared this bed today and planted a few rows of peas. As you can see the peas I planted are protected from any birds that may want to feast (as they have done in the past, much to my displeasure)

And in front of the compost bin/other side of the 2 coconut shells on the ground there I planted the last of the tape radish seed. This side of the coconut shells I planted some spinach seed. One spinach plant is already growing well in the black cup.

I will keep you updated with the progress of my garden. I am hoping and praying it does progress well...Dot

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