Monday, 20 May 2013

Days spent with Hubby

For a few years now we have a holiday in our corner of the state for an Agricultural Festival. The festival is held 3 hours away and the holiday is taken on a Friday. Hubby and I decided to go this year and headed off very early in the morning. We had a lovely day together and were able to take in a few delights in the sky on the way.

Above us at one point the sky was tinged with pink. Gorgeous.

The weather has turned much colder recently and so the heat pump has been turned on. Because the heat pump has not been used for a while it had become very noisy. So hubby climbed on the roof and readjusted a few things and put rubber feet underneath and it runs much quieter. 

Since the removal of the trees, some piles of rubble had been collected and waiting for the right time to burn. Hubby decided to light one, and only one, as the wind got up as soon as he lit it. I strongly urged him not to light anymore. 

There was certainly some heat radiating from the pile. He came in for lunch quite warm.

On checking the progress later, I noticed he was down the bank further. When he noticed me present, I did get a cheeky grin!!

He was trying to make a chimney and having trouble getting it to strike. 

And he did get it to go for a little while but thankfully it went out. You can see there the next stack to light when the weather is more favorable.


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