Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Hi!! There is always something going on around here but I have taken time to sit and do a blog before bed.
Last month I had a birthday and hubby took us out for dinner. 

Not all the drinks in front of me are mine although 2 glasses are; there was a mix-up. 

The others enjoyed wood-fired pizzas, I went for the ocean trout. We all enjoyed our meals.
Last month hubby helped me make my first batch of laundry liquid. I saved five 2 litre millk bottles as the mixture made up 10 litres. I only need to use about a 1/3 cup per wash and so it is going to last a while. And it washes well. 

Recently I took my sister along to a 'Biggest Morning Tea' outing where we were required to wear our pj's to receive free cake and coffee. We went early and enjoyed a small breakfast before our cake and had a great time together.


Now its time for bed....Dot

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