Friday, 21 June 2013

Mini Renovation

This week a mini Reno was undertaken in our home. Last weekend Hubby removed the vertical blinds in preparation for the new ones to be installed on Tuesday. The old blinds were well overdue to be replaced as they contained unsafe fibre. 

No blinds.

New blinds. And this time they are hung inside the window surround which adds more room and also aids to keep the the heat in when its cold. (It was minus 2 degrees a few mornings this week.)
The installer was very pleased that the slant of the blinds was correct. Sometimes the factory does get it wrong. When he left he was happy his day was off to a good start. 

And whoo-hoo!!! A Brand new addition to my kitchen. There has never been a covering for this window and already we have noticed that it helps to keep our home warmer. 

Now I have the task of deciding what to bring back upstairs from storage. We love the space and lack of clutter about. Thankfully I can take my time with this, no hurry...Dot

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