Monday, 4 November 2013

Garden Whoohoo

October here in Tasmania was cold and wet but this caused the garden to grow. Everything had a growth spurt; as well as the weeds. I have spent some time weeding but there is plenty more to do. It is nice to get out when the day is sunny and not too windy and tend to it. 

Look what progress I found in my vegetable patch.

Lettuces: We have been enjoying some yummy salads. I need to wash well as D3 found a little grub raising his head on her plate - "don't eat me".  The leaves are very tender and juicy.

Lavender: It smells sweet!!

Peas: there are 2 rows parallel in this patch. 

Potatoes: Before I went on holiday I planted the seed potato and they are well on their way.

Inside: I have transplanted spring onion, coriander, basil, tomatoes. D2 bought me some 'pot' plants which includes a couple of strawberries, chilli and capsicum. Should have a good supply in a month or so. 

Long weekend here this weekend and so today were are all home to enjoy the day together...Dot

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