Monday, 11 November 2013

Our Road Trip

One of the best bits of advice I have received is to PLAN WELL. 

This year Hubby and I decided to take his 4 weeks of holiday and hit the road to Western Australia. Right to the day we left, we prepared all that we could think of to make our trip a success. We had never done a trip like this before and it was exciting to plan for it.

Even though it was a miserable day (the day before we left), the car and trailer had to be cleaned inside and out. Here you can see Hubby even cleaned to top of the trailer. 

Before long we were ready to be off.

We spent the night on the Spirit of Tasmania. They pack you in well. The next morning we headed to Bendigo where I purchased some wool. I brought some for D1 and some to add to my collection I already had with me. 

We spent the 2nd night at Mildura and the following day we travelled to Port Augusta. 

Camp Fergie


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