Monday, 20 October 2014


1. The lawn seed has been planted in this soil, we have had some rain and now looking forward to a sunny week. There will be hardly any rain about. I have the hose hooked up to keep it damp though and we should have a lovely green patch there soon.

2. Saturday morning we were outside in no time. Hubby and I attacked the ivy growing on a rock wall in the back yard. Above it was a tree that was removed. We took 2 huge trailor loads to the tip over the weekend. One was green and the other was filled with rubbish from the sheds out back. What a great feeling!!!

3 - 6. Sunday we ventured off for a road trip. This took us up into Table Cape. It has been years since we have gone through this way. Shots were taken at the lookout and on the way out the colour of the tulips was spectacular. 

Today I have lots to do indoors. Hope your week is sunny too....Dot

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