Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Simple Pleasure

Watching the rooms change face with renovations well underway.
The windowsill and cupboards were sanded (previously varnish)and will be white. 

I took a 'turn' in the garden on Saturday. We had received a huge rainfall and it's nice and fresh to take a look at things outside.

New bed with plants in place.

These will turn blue one day.

I did not plant potatoes this year but a few plants came up here and there in the garden from past years of planting. They are flowering. I will leave the chats alone and let them grow to full size.

I am amazed!!!. This is my first time ever of having my own strawberry patch. I have tried many ways of growing them and have not been successful. Net has been put over the bed and so the birds can leave them alone and I am harvesting a small supply. 

Weekend coffee time. 

Lots of cleaning up to do here this week so I am going to get stuck into it.


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