Monday, 1 December 2014

Summer is here

Hello. Summer has arrived. The weather is warming up and I put cotton sheets on the bed today.The flannelette will be stored away until it turns cold again.

Today, oh dear. It is overcast. It would be nice to have a good rain to help green up the lawn. The temperature is a lovely warm 18 degrees. 

We are using lettuces, parsley and other fresh herbs from the vegi patch. I cut the rhubarb on Saturday and that has been stewed and stored in the fridge to use. Mmm, crumble or with muesli and yoghurt. Maybe both.

The raspberry patch is doing well again this year. We should have some fruit in a couple of weeks. Our home has had a fresh coat of paint. Looks good. 

Hubby spent most of the weekend sanding. The window surround has been done, along with the cupboard, doors and main door. Preparation take times but the rewards are great. 

Lunch for two. And oh how easy it is!!!. Pizza about to come out of the oven. 

Tummy calls...Dot :-)

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