Monday, 20 April 2015

This happened

A room has been made available to me in the basement and I have started to turn it into my studio. I have moved most of my sewing and wool supplies down there but it is a work in progress. There is oodles of space and I have lots of ideas how to set it up to be a productive working environment. Exciting!!!

I spent some time in my vegi patch this week. I did a lot of tidying up which involved trimming the raspberries and weeding. Then I prepared a few squares in my 'square foot garden' and planted some seeds (lettuce, radish, spring onions, kale, and spinach). 

During this week I sat at my laptop and followed through a pattern for the following:

Awwh...isn't he cute? D2 and D3 have put their orders in for their colour preferences. I did not add the wings for this one but I may do that next time. Also, as this was a practice run, next time I will use a larger hook. But still, I am tickled with him, or her. 

Our morning temperatures have dropped to near 0. It makes for sunny day though and it is so nice to have the sun streaming through the windows.

bye for now.... Dot

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