Monday, 27 April 2015


Good afternoon my friends and family. The internet was down this morning but was up again at midday and I have finally sat down to the computer. I have had to tilt the blind as the room has warmed up nicely and I am set with my cuppa and away we go.

Hubby and I have completed a few projects this week.

Because of the beautiful Autumn weather, hubby painted the cement under the front veranda and apron, including the front door step. This is the first time it has been painted and we are pleased how it came up. 

I was asked to make a batch of Anzac biscuits to take to church on Sunday. They served them with hot drinks following the service. Hubby and I enjoyed a couple at home with our weekend coffee. mmm, its been a while since I made them. 

Once up a time, D2 gave me a bag of wool to make her some items. One of projects she was happy for me to make was a cushion. It was fun to make up the granny squares. In the front there, I made up some dishcloths from Lily Sugar 'n Creme this week too. I knitted the squares and then crocheted around the edges with a contrasting variegated colour and worked in a loop on the corner to enable it to be hung if required.

This is the back of the cushion. The colours do not show up well in the photo here. They are actually really bright fluro colours. 

In this coming week I need to prepare to have a few important things done. They include:

- budget
- G2 gift (her birthday is in June)
-craft day (D2 wants to get together for Saturday)

Lots to do, but lots of fun .... have a great week: Dot

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