Monday, 4 May 2015

My Month

Hello Everyone and welcome to another day in the life of dot's tidbits. I refer to May being my month as not only do we celebrate Mothers Day, but my birthday comes around too. 

This weekend is our states annual Agricultural Festival. Hubby and I like to attend every couple of years and this year we have planned a couple of nights away to spend a full day at the festival. The festival runs for 3 days and it is always well attended. This starts the celebrations for my birthday and I know we will have a great time. 

Last week our craft day did not happen as we are waiting for some things to come in the post.

I had some yummy home-grown tomatoes passed onto me so I roasted them and made them up into pasta sauce. We have used the sauce with ricotta gnochi and pizza and there is still a little left to have with some pasta soon.

D2 came around over the weekend and cooked dinner for us. This was a vegetable quinoa dish. Yum...

...followed by apple rosettes. They were made with shortcrust pastry and red-skinned apples. I did not see them being made but was most happy to eat them. They were delicious. (I think there may be leftovers for lunch today - whoohoo!!)

I made up another cute owl last night and decided to add wings to it. This one is now in the post along with a few others I have made. I am on a roll. I have collected all my wool scraps and put them in a basket. I pull this out after dinner and happily crochet bits and pieces to make these up. Not one is the same and they are a lot of fun, believe me. 

Currently I am reading a series of books. It is certainly hard to put down, a real good read. 

And to finish off today:

This is what we are blessed to see on most of our morning walks. Just gorgeous. Hubby snapped this one for me last week.

... Dot

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