Monday, 18 May 2015

Monday, Monday

Good morning Monday. 

What does the start of the week look like for you? I found it hard to get up when the alarm blurted out at 6.15am. It was dark and cold but I pushed through and hubby and I enjoyed a lovely walk before breakfast. The sun is out now and I can hang out the washing.

Look what came for me in the mail this week. Our family from far away sent me this lovley gift for Mothers Day. I am savouring the cherry chocolate and sticking to a piece a day. MMM!

I was sorting through some craft stuff (as you do) and came across a couple of lovely purple buttons. I had crocheted some owls up incorporating black and decided to use the buttons on this little fella. He has a purple tummy so matches well. Then someone came to visit and asked to buy a couple of my owls and so this one has gone to a new home. Oh, well, when those buttons arrive in the post, watch out.

This is my beautiful new cup and saucer with chai tea. My daughter called in with some tea bags and made us up a drink. I like it hot, but it was too hot and the spoon is there ready to remove the skin. Yummo!!! (sweetened with honey)

And have you tried this? I was shocked but pleasantly surprised. It was nice. I think the addition of caramel helped it along. 

$$$ challenge:

May I say, you really have to discipline yourself to meal plan and try and do a single shop per week. I am certainly working on it and keeping myself busy with the challenge of using what I have at hand. No complaints so far. 

This week: $105.85

Have a great week and keep smiling: Dot

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