Tuesday, 16 June 2015


Hello Everyone
I know it is the 16th today but I wanted to use yesterday's date. Today I find myself in the warm part of our home. I have tidied the dining table and brought my laptop from the office to the dining table. It is nice to be snug here where we do most of our living and listen to the rain gently falling on the roof. The rain has been pretty constant today but it is not windy. So peaceful. 

The bag has not been completed but I managed to make the handles and started on the flowers and leaves.

This week I decided to make some bread in my slow cooker. I had been reading about doing cakes and breads in it and so I set out and made a loaf with mushroom and spring onion. I placed baking paper in the bowl first, put my bread dough in there and placed a towel under the lid. As suggested, I folded the towel up onto the lid and in a couple of hours it was ready. 

I am keen to give this another go. I made it with spelt flour but today I purchased some unbleached flour and will mix some of that in next time. 

That's all I have for you today ... Dot

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