Monday, 1 June 2015


Well folks, winter is here and it is FREEZING. I have closed some doors and heated up the other end of our home where we spend the majority of our day and I am up the other end where it is cold. I have brought a hot cuppa tea with me and that is helping. 

My soap supply was getting low so on Saturday I decided to set up to make some more. I thought with hubby around he would be interested in what I do. And so he was.

He got in and made me a mold from a potato and set to work marking all the soaps. They are now settled by the window to dry for 6 weeks.

This was posted today to my June secret pal. She requested bright colours and so I was happy to make a bright and cheery owl. I made it with Sugar 'n Cream wool and it turned out a little larger than the other owls that I have made; but still cute. 

I decided to make D2 a striped knitted dishcloth and added a row of crochet around the edge as she likes a hook. She liked it and it was a good size. 

And I was so happy with the outcome of my May challenge to spend only $100 per week. I went over the first couple of weeks but was pleased with the outcome in week 4. 

Being the 1st day of the month, I should get into the budget, but first I will go and get another cup of hot tea.


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