Tuesday, 10 November 2015


Hi Everyone

Today is my hubby's birthday and I have planned meals for him that are his favorite. I have toasted some sesame seeds until golden and they are cooling down (kitchen smells wonderful) to go on a stir fry for lunch. 

I cleaned out my pantry over the weekend and found a stir fry cook book. It is surprising how low in kj the recipes are. I have made a list and slowly going through them. Today for lunch I am making a tofu stir fry. I have cooked brown rice and it is cooling ready to make a meal in one. 

This is a special dessert hubby's mum prepared for him (and us too) over the weekend. Jelly and cream, icecream and wafer and cheesecake with topping. 

These fish are in a huge tank set up in a room where hubby and I visit the chiropractor. They are relaxing and interesting to watch. 

Aren't these just golden. These were gifted to me and sit proudly in the corner of my kitchen. I have had them for 2 days and they have opened up more today. Beautiful!!

That's all for today. I am relocating to the kitchen, where I have Christmas music playing, and prepare for lunch. 

... Dot

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