Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Holiday Time

Hi Everyone. Welcome to the holidays. I realise they all start at different times for each of us over the Christmas period and we find that we work in with flights in order to get to see family. Hubby and I are off in a few days and are getting very excited. 

Over the weekend I attended a Garden Christmas party at a local nursery and I picked up this beautiful daisy. I just had to bring it home and it is going into a pot soon. It is raining here today so I wont be venturing out. There is tomorrow. 

And guess what...

... my cotton summer cardi is complete and it is coming with me on holiday. I love it!!!

Recently Hubby, D2 and I had our first Christmas meal over lunch. I made devilled eggs and red lentil hummus and we had coffee all round. 

D2 added her touch and so we wore our hats over lunch and beyond. We exchanged gifts followed by cooking a few things to take out to in-laws for Christmas dinner. 

And it was yummo!!!. Roast lamb and gravy with baked and steamed vegies and a herb scone to finish off.

A Christmas meal is not finished unless there is dessert. The fresh raspberries were a 'first pick' from a families garden. D2 made the apple tart. 

That's all from me for another year. Have a wonderful Christmas and holiday time and I will communicate with you again in 2016.

Blessings ... Dot

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