Tuesday, 1 December 2015


A big hello to all my lovely readers. Spring has gone and Summer has arrived today. The last few days have begun warm and calm (so we have been able to get out for a walk), then the wind picks up and in the afternoon the showers start. We have had some heavy rain in the night which makes it feel like summer. The vegi patch is loving it.

I was out in the morning of this day and swept all around our yard and then down came the rain.

Last Thursday we had 3 lots of hail during the course of the day. It was very pretty. The garden was white.

This is my latest page of colour. 

On Saturday we decided to bolt and head up the coast. D2 came with us and between the 3 of us we filled in the day shopping, eating out at Thai and caught a movie. I have read the book (kindle download) and D2 enjoyed watching it on screen with me while hubby watched Spectre elsewhere. 

Today I made a salad to go with our pizza for lunch. I wanted some dressing to go with it so I just whipped up a small amount in a little bowl and it was SO nice. Here is the recipe:

Grapeseed oil
dijon mustard
soy sauce
lemon juice. 

Using a whisk, mix up in bowl and pour over salad. It was nice and thick and absolutely delicious. 

Bye for now ... Dot

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