Tuesday, 19 January 2016


Good morning and welcome to another week. The mornings have been cool but it does not seem to take long for the day to warm up. Some windows are left open 24/7 to keep the home cooler. Last night we had dinner outside and it was very pleasant.

Last week hubby arrived home with a 'cute' container of fresh blueberries that was given to him. Over the weekend I made some thick pancakes with oats, chia and ricotta cheese etc and we enjoyed them over 2 mornings for breakfast. Yummo! 

Sewing: I have been sewing some baby rompers. This one is on it's way to WA to a new baby boy. They are fun to make and quite easy.

Knitting: 01: On the dining table I have commenced covering some coat hangers. I want to do up a few different ones for my gift box.

02: Over in the lounge room I have commenced a scarf using a stitch I have not tried before; seafoam. The wool is a variegated 8ply and this will be put in the gift box too. (someone in mind to receive)

Crocheting: And in the family room I have set up a tray of wool and bits and pieces and crocheting flowers.

I love how these came up using buttons. I hunted down all my '4 hole' buttons and found a few but I will be checking down town today and see if I can gather some more. The plan is to decorate the front of a handbag etc. 

For something different now I am off to clean the home.

Enjoy life ... Dot

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