Tuesday, 10 May 2016

D3 home

Hi everyone. Sorry for the late post. I had a few appointments today and the day has got away on me.

When we arrived home from our road trip we had our youngest daughter with us. And we know she is around as you are about to see.

She found hubby's Nerf gun and wanted to pull a prank on him. She waited 'out of sight' for him to pull in the drive.

I let her know he was nearly to the door. (I could hardly take the photos trying not to giggle)

And she let it rip!!!

Poppi was ducking and made his way to the corner of the kitchen ...

...and stayed there till all the pellets were fired. I don't think there were any left in the gun; they were all over the floor.

We went for a lovely long walk on the beach and my Instagram prompt for the day was 'air'. D3 offered to help me out. 

Mother's Day has come and gone. We were invited down to D2's little home and served a yummy hot meal. She made Lemon Delicious for dessert. I was spoilt.

I hope all my 'mum' readers had a special weekend with your family.

Keep smiling ... Dot :-)

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