Monday, 23 May 2016

Made by me

Who cries over spilt milk? I nearly did. 
I was making my morning coffee and had heated the milk and sat it on top of the the coffee machine. As I was continuing it edged its way off the machine and over the side. Disapointed sounds came out of my mouth but no one came running, so I got in and cleaned it up. It made its way into everything but at least the spot was clean again and there was enough milk left in the jug to make my drink and be on my way.

A healthy breakfast for hubby. There was only one egg left so I fried a tomato, added slightly wilted spinach, avocado and sprinkled with black pepper. It was a hit.

With the cold weather about soup recipes are a happening thing. I made up some Vegetable Chilli soup and accompanied it with corn muffins. The soup is loaded with red and green capsicum, carrot, kidney beans and of course, chilli. I need to put less chilli in next time.

Be happy and enjoy life where you are ... Dot

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