Tuesday, 5 July 2016

S is for ...


Recently I went down to my sunny studio and sewed some hand towels for a couple of birthdays this month. I put a strip of the same fabric as the top along the very bottom of the towel which gave them a nice touch. They are wrapped now ready to deliver soon.


It will be 10 years soon that I have been welcome to take lemons from the front yard of a dear lady. When I went there this week, the tree had been pruned into a beautiful shape. I could easily retrieve some lemons from last season (the dark golden ones) which were inside the tree and I also grabbed some lovely new ones.

Hubby and I have not been well the last week. We both have had sore throats so the lemons have been very useful to combine with honey in green tea.

Which leads me to want to go make another tea.

Until next week ... keep well... Dot 

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