Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Winter Brrrr

Today is a great day to be indoors. Currently we have gusts of 65km/h, no sun to be seen and showers along with that. I have the heater up, been cooking in the kitchen and running around doing things. I must be better. No giddiness in sight, so life goes on, whoohoo!!

This week I made a set of dishcloths to post off to a secret IG pal. They are all crocheted and I used some different patterns. I was pleased how they turned out.

Over the weekend I made Savoury Glazed Chicken and served it with mash and a glass of red. The leftovers were served with rice and steamed vegies. 

I have my case down to pack. Our family in WA can look forward to seeing us in a few days. As I will be out of the office I will catch up with you all when I return in a couple of weeks. 

So keep smiling and enjoy life ... Dot 

Ps: I have been working on some gorgeous cowls for my shop. Take a look!

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