Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Back Again

Hello Readers

I love Roses and my garden has 3 varieties that are in bloom at the moment. The colours are not showing quite right here but on the left is a bright red. The next is a pink which is part of a carpet rose. The apricot one is a new plant I put in last season. Gorgeous.

This is Harry the Whale. I made him up and gave him away.

I happened to look out the window and saw this crow fly and land at the base of this trunk with something in its mouth. It ate what is had and then settled on the top of the trunk, took a look around and flew off. They are a huge bird and I have not seen one this close for a long time. Another visitor to our yard!!

This week I am going to make pizzas, but with a difference. When I make the dough I will divide into small portions. After rolling out will cook in a hot pan on the stove, both sides. When removed from pan, top with warm pasta sauce and fresh basil. Will post a picture next week.

Until then, keep smiling ... Dot

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