Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Edible Garden

Hello and welcome to another week. You may have noticed that I like to have an edible garden. I try my best to get things growing but unfortunately not all things grow well here in my patch on the hill. 

Lettuces grow well if care is taken in giving them a good start. Garlic chives keep coming up here and there in the garden and they are welcome to use in cooking. I have it on my list to freeze some.

With the weather warmer now, having lettuce in the garden makes it easy to get a healthy lunch together. I grab a bowl and shred and dice anything I can find, add a blob on homemade dressing and fold through. It is kept in the fridge until I need to serve. Today we tried baked mushrooms made into Tuna Melts. Idea came from Stonesoup. Very nice.

The Kale is growing well and I have a bed full of it (at least 7 plants) so we will have some lovely greens to enjoy.

This pop of colour won't be eaten but is in the process of being dried to make potpourri. 

D2 set up a Christmas Tree in our lounge room and we have it glowing for a few hours each night on a timer. The Christmas cd's have been pulled from the cupboard and are now filling the air with bright music.

This was the sunset from our window last night. Gorgeous!!!

And today it is a lovely sunny day.

Keep smiling ... Dot 

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