Tuesday, 6 December 2016

I enjoy ...

...lots of things. Today I will share a few that come to mind.

I made up the dried leaves into Potpourri. In the cupboard I found some star anise, cinnamon stick and I blitzed some whole nutmeg in my Thermi and added this to the mix. It smells divine.

Most mornings of the week I head out for a walk. I put in my headphones. The headphones serve as a double purpose; keep the wind out and I have the company of Pandora or a radio station. The music helps me to keep the pace up and I am always encouraged and uplifted by what I hear. I even try to get a walk in over the weekend as I feel when I miss a day, I miss out.

Over the course of each month I pick up the above magazines. I have a good collection of Simply Crochet and the Homespun. This month I found an Australian Knitting magazine which includes crochet too. I enjoy dabbling in crochet, knitting and sewing so these mags are always a joy to read

As you know, I enjoy spending time in my vegi patch. It does need a weed again. Very recently my strawberries were beginning to ripen, so in order to get the produce I removed the frame from the Kale and relocated it over to the strawberry patch and covered it with netting.

And yesterday ...

... I picked a large punnet full. Hubby tried some today and would like me to make scones or pancakes with them. I am forbidden to grind them up into anything else. They are delicious. 

Hubby and I often enjoy a Sunday afternoon drive. It was nice to sit here and watch to waves roll in while we chatted about a few things.  

Until next week, enjoy life and I trust it is full of good things for you.

Dot :-)

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