Tuesday, 10 January 2017

New Year/Holiday

Hello Readers. Welcome to a New Year. I am back from a lovely holiday with my family and slowly getting back into routine again. Lists are being made and plans for this and that. Summer has given us some lovely warm days, little rain and fresh breeze. Today I will share a few pics from our holiday.

The day we left on holiday, the plane was delayed for a couple of hours so we took a scenic drive, walked, and filled in the time relaxing.

We enjoyed walking most days. The beach was by far my favourite.

With 9 of us to keep happy (and we did) I found an opening and had my nails painted.

Poppi nailed one of the games the little ones received for Christmas. 

Out shopping. 

This 'new mum to be' is taking a little rest. Yes, we will be grandparents again in a few months. Whoohoo!!!!

Holiday treat. Too warm for hot coffee so went for iced with cream. Oh no!

And a Gingerbread House was made. We were all involved in some way even if it was only taste testing. 

And when we arrived home, check this out.

We have Kale on the menu. Yum.

Until next week, keep well... Dot 

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