Tuesday, 17 January 2017


Good morning Readers. There are still some new things happening around here.

Recently I made myself a new bag. It has been just ages since I have done this and D2 and I are on a roll with planning new bags for this year. I have set myself a challenge to make the 'new mum to be' a baby bag. The bits required are nearly altogether and I will make a start on that in the next few weeks.

With 'new joy' coming to our family, I have been tinkering with making some booties. These little wrap-over crocheted ones are so cute. 

Can you see em? Some of these plums are too high to reach. I have retrieved some and they are ripening further in the pantry. Tasty!!

This was my breakfast today. Leftover Cinnamon sticks with apple and green tea. I have been watching my Carbohydrate intake and these sticks are surprisingly made with just coconut flour, psyllium husk powder etc and they are soft and delicious. The decoration on them is cream cheese. 

Before bed last night we were met with a gorgeous sunset. And today is just divine.

Have a wonderful week ... Dot 

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