Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Valentines Day

For my Valentine I made an icecream cake. The bottom layer was cooked in the oven, middle layer had raspberries in it (had, it is all gone) and topped with ganache. The day I made it we had a small slice late that night but once the cake was really frozen through we found it was best left out for an hour or so. It kept its form well and the flavours were more developed. So, next time, hee hee.

I commenced making a few scalloped-edged scarves in different colours.

No 2 out of 4 sets of booties is complete. 

I came across a recipe that called for Dill Pickle and after checking 'google' I found you can make them at home. So when I went shopping to my delight I found mini cucumbers on special. They are sitting in the fridge for a couple of days before we can try them. 

It does not take much to put a healthy and creative meal together if you have the supplies on hand. I found a packet of haloumi cheese in the fridge and I had made a jar of sprouts, steamed some broccoli and I had baked some Fetta rolls a day or two ago. Mmmm ... Leftovers Plus. 

Have a wonderful day ... Dot 

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