Tuesday, 7 February 2017


Hello. I made another Camembert pie and I left it for at least 15mins before breaking it open. It was much better this time around but I could leave for longer as I had to quickly transfer it to the plate.

I apologise in advance for all the food pics I am about to share with you. I found that I had a need for some things sweet and so we went all out and satisfied our cravings.

These Gingerbread Cheesecakes were a real hit when we enjoyed them with guests last Thursday. There were a few leftover but quickly grabbed by those who wanted to have later. (I was one)

These Mixes are turning out to be a real treat. I will be making another up today. I find that after a few days I have a little cream, yoghurt and cream cheese leftovers so I throw them all in the processor and mix with lemon rind and little sugar substitute. I then arrange in a glass bowl or tumbler with fresh fruit and shredded coconut. After leaving for a few hours in the fridge they go down very well for dessert.

D2 was given some lovely fresh blueberries from an acquaintance at work. We have been wanting to try a cheesecake so we found a Low Carb recipe to use and she baked one.

The base was made of dessicated coconut etc and baked first. After it had cooled the filling was made up of yummy cream cheese, eggs etc. and baked again. It had to cool completely in the fridge overnight. 

And we have been eating it for days. Next time I will freeze some if I don't have someone around to help eat it. But, it was delicious!!!

Be good, I will try ... Dot 

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