Tuesday, 4 April 2017

How did I go?

Hello. What do you think? Isn't this peaceful? This was taken on my early morning walk. I say early, as it was. With the clocks being turned back over the weekend the sun is up just after 6.30, so I have adjusted the alarm to get up for a walk before my first coffee. The town is less busy and a few people are about walking with their dogs and the air is crisp but beautiful. 

Well, how did I go in March? 

- Mini Quilt (in progress)

- bunnies (half done)

- pram blanket (nearly half done)
- I deleted the wrap as it was not a pattern that I took to with ease.
- I put up the baby jacket last week
- baby bag (has not been started, but there is April)
- I made myself a skirt but have not worn yet, will post a pic if the weather stays warm.

Some of the 'hat's galore' that I knitted in March. Beautiful colours and in time for Mother's Day.

So what is planned for April?

Pop by next week and I will share with you ... Dot 

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