Tuesday, 28 March 2017


This Cinnamon Bun just came out of the oven and the smell was divine. After it cools I spread a cream cheese mixture across the top and slice it into 8 pieces. It serves very well for breakfast with a cup of coffee. I keep it in the fridge as it is gone in a few days.

Once a week I clean the loos and basins. We have 3 loos, 3 basins and the laundry and kitchen sinks. I use Pine-O-clene for most of the cleaning and the place smells nice after it. 

This is a new muesli/granola I made. I had to stay around the oven to turn every 4 minutes as the coconut can burn. It was well worth the effort. We have been enjoying it for breakfast served with yoghurt and berries.

This dinner consisted of a pizza meal. Everything was thrown into a casserole dish and baked. Certainly a different way to serve pizza but was delicious and filling.

The mornings are cooler now. When on my morning walk sometimes I wear my jacket and other times I brave the cool air. It does not take long to warm up and makes for a wonderful start to the day. 

Trust your days are filled with pleasant aromas... Dot

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