Tuesday, 21 March 2017


Hi there!! It has been nice to sit outside and 'do stuff'. More often than not it is much cooler out there than indoors. We are not sure how long this will last, but are lapping it up while we can.

With 10 days of the month left, I can report that progress throughout March has been productive. I have had the incentive to keep to the list and enjoying what I am doing.

This was finished yesterday. A little boys cardi for a 6-12mth old. 

The Pram Blanket is off to a good start. I hope to have that finished.

Apples are falling off our trees so today I will be making apple sauce and putting some in the freezer to make into future Cinnamon Buns for breakfasts. Yummo!

That's it for another week. Be good and keep smiling...Dot 

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