Tuesday, 1 August 2017

A is for

Hi Everyone and welcome to the first day of AUGUST!!!

This marks the first day of the last month of winter, but I must say we have had a mild one. We can look forward now to morning frosts but who cares, it always turns into a beautiful day following the ice. 

One afternoon this week I planted some pansies along the path just outside the door. They certainly will look nice when they bloom.

On Saturday hubby and I went out to the farm to clean out his dad's old cowshed. A few of us joined in and cleaned out a few sheds and set to putting most of it in the fire. What an education. We found some interesting things and many memories were brought forth to mull over and met with different emotions. It was a GOOOD day!!!!

The game of play around the lunch table lately has been 'Kings in the corner'. The 3 of us take every opportunity to play a game and it makes for a lot of fun. If D2 misses out over lunch, she will set it up to play one over dinner. We just have to play a game a day. Hee hee!!

In the crochet corner:

2 x colourful snoods. They are fun to make and proving to be popular.

A black cowel. Nice and soft as they are worked with pure merino yarn. They sit very nice and I been producing a lovely array of colours.

I made up some fingerless mittens. I have navy yarn again but also have a new colour 'curry'. 

Have a great week ... Dot (I plan to)

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