Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Call Out

In the last week, a call out was made for mum to come and lend a hand from the new mum in our family. Her hubby was going to be away for a few days and she wanted some company. Of course, I jumped at the chance and set up things at home and headed off.

We took bubby out with us for the weekly shop and he was very good the whole time. We managed to get everything done and home again in time for the next feed.

Over the last few days there with them, D3 started using her collection of cloth nappies. They are so cute and there is quite an array of colours and designs that I found I was taking a while to pick one to use. I still need to get the hang of using them as I did not quite get the clips in the correct places.

The order for breakfast one morning was poached eggs. I had mine on cauli toast while D3 was happy to have hers on toast with cheese. We both had not had poached eggs for a while and they were just delicious. Of course I have mine lathered with mayo as well. Mmmm!

Back home, I ventured outside to see if I could find some colour in our little garden here. I found some.

And I guess as spring is just around the corner, I will find more colour in our little patch in the middle of the town.

Have great week ... Dot 

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