Tuesday, 12 September 2017


Hi! I am now swapping between 2 very easy breakfast recipes. One is crepes made with cream cheese and this one I found this week are pancakes made with almond meal. The recipe is below. The first batch I made we had with coulis. We have found that when you buy fresh strawberries, if you haven't checked them when you bring them home from the shops, check them the next day and more often than not they need to be made into coulis. The coulis keeps in the fridge well for a few days and is perfect to use with many desserts. We may have to plant a patch of strawberries here for the summer. 

Today I defrosted the last of some local blueberries and made up a mix to top the lot off using cinnamon, xylitol and shredded coconut. Breakfast was delicious.

The recipe:

In a bowl:

1 cup of almond meal, 3 eggs and couple of large spoons of greek yoghurt. Mix with hand whisk and get it to the consistency you like. You may have to add some more yoghurt. Cook in pan using butter. 

You can make as many as you need. The mix keeps well in the fridge for the next morning to make them up fresh. 

The patch of violets are slowly coming into flower. We need more sun!

That's all for now ... Dot :-)

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