Tuesday, 26 September 2017


Good day!!! Things are starting to take shape here at home. The car has been packed with stuff to deliver to our kids on the mainland and the space it made in the passage calls for some cleaning. So the spring cleaning bug is in the air and we plan to get started soon. 

This week I made a double batch of a different pancake mix. It had baking powder in it so they rose a little. We cooked as needed and the mix lasted for 3 days in the fridge. I whipped up a tub of mascarpone cheese with vanilla and sweetener and we had that on the top with berries. Need I say more?

This time around with the snood, I added some tassels to the end of the scarf. 

Mum has moved from the farm into a cute cottage in town. Hubby hung a new clock for her and she was so happy. She kept looking at that space for the time and there is now a purpose in that spot. 

Mmmm. I am a little seedy from being sleep deprived last night and this pic encourages me to draw the blinds and take a nap.

There's a thought ... Dot zzzz

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