Tuesday, 10 October 2017

DandDadventures 01

Hello. I'm here and just. Hubby has had to be a big help to put me in the right place so that I feel a little like I am at home on my laptop. I am here on my tablet and will endeavour to do a weekly report of our adventures on the road.

To start, or at least, try to get started on our way, the car would not go. We called in a friend who was just a phone call away who had jumper leads to assist and away we went.

We boarded the boat in Tasmania Thursday night, slept reasonably well in a port hole cabin and got away the next morning in Port Melbourne at 7am. It was freezing!!!

Our aim was Adelaide that day. The sun came out from behind the clouds at 10am.

We saw many blankets of bright yellow along the way.

It always seems on holiday we see or do new things. This was a Korean BBQ we attended in Adelaide with family and friends.

My tank was full hanging out with our new grand baby.

Today we left Adelaide and headed to Port Augusta.

I was knitting, next  minute hubby was wondering what a police car was doing. I looked up to see a police car coming toward us, on our side of the road, lights flashing. I told hubby to get OFF the road!!!! Behind the police car was a maximum overload that took up the whole road. Another first for us.

Check in next week for our adventures 02 ... Dot 🙂

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