Tuesday, 20 March 2018


I am not a wearer of green but I certainly love to surround myself with this living colour.

Over the weekend I planted out a punnet of basil seedlings in amongst the other plants with the thought that they might get a little warmth from their neighbors and give me some pesto in the future. Here's hoping!!

Recently I cleaned up 'my space' and transferred all the cotton yarn to one side of the room and brought forward all the warmer yarn for the colder weather. I found some I had forgotten about, who doesn't, and was newly inspired on new projects. I found a bag of yarn that I had made into dishcloths a few years back and so I got to work and made a few to replace old ones and there is still another ball or two left for next time. Sunday afternoon was spent finishing them off while watching a bit of television and 'hanging out'

We will have to have this again soon. I fried up some flaked almonds in a little fat (can use oil or butter) and stored them to use as required. For a few days we enjoyed our lettuce topped with mayo and nuts. It adds a delicious crunch and is very nice. At this meal we accompanied it with Baked Camembert. 

I was amazed to find new growth on the rose bush and it is giving us a second round of beautiful roses to enjoy this season.

I frightened them. Some took to flight and some decided to paddle away as fast as they could.

Have a great week ... Dot 

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